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Rolex watches recycling prices

2017-04-10 10:38
Category: Business

Rolex watches since the birth of its superb craftsmanship to attract countless people, today's brand value is still flourishing. If you just have a fake watches, no matter what reason to sell, then you will not have to deal with the watch recycling company. But your hands on the Rolex watch recycling prices in the end how much money to sell it? I believe that after reading this article and the real Rolex watch recycling case naturally understand. So what factors affect the price of Rolex watches recovery?

First, your Rolex watch is a true form

Many times for those of us soaked in the uk replica watches
recycling industry for many years, often and watch the identification of people, many famous watches can write a look at their true and false, but sometimes we will pretend to be very serious look carefully, And then euphemistically told the seller this watch to sell the price, we do not accept. Guilty of nature will go, there are a lot of pretend to be ignorant, and how to say how this list, there can be no problems like. If we directly say that you are fake, and then encountered bad temper of the seller, the spot will be cursed you meal: do not understand the rolex replica watches ah, also received? Where is it fake? ... ... so based on years of experience, strange customers take the initiative to shop to sell the watch, more than 60% is not a real thing, or want to run into a lucky encounter run, or really do not know is fake ; Others to send the watch in general 80% is false, may not give it a gift of true and false it This is some experience, only for your reference. So say, first of all you have to make sure that the Rolex watches on hand are really Rolex watches when the company is ready to sell the price! Rolex watches on the issue of true and false, we please refer to the article "Rolex watches true and false identification"

Second, your Rolex watch style and its market

Rolex watches series, the sea to the series, Oyster-style constant movement series, the yacht Mingshi series, submarine-type series, the series of air-arched series, SKY-DWELLER series, women's log series, MILGAUSS series, the Greenwich II series, the explorer type series, the universe type Di Daya series, the sun calendar type series, the log series, the Chelli series, in fact, each series has its corresponding popular style, like Submarine series of black water ghosts, green water ghosts, recycling prices naturally high. Coupled with some rare classic collection style recycling price even more than the original price will be much higher, which is the market decision.

Third, the fineness of your swiss replica watches and its accessories

Rolex watches fineness of this everyone is a good understanding, fineness is good, usually good care and maintenance can sell a good price. If you have the best conditions before you find a watch to maintain a maintenance place to your Rolex watch to do a big health care, and you better bring the Rolex watches watch invoices, boxes, brochures, security cards and other accessories Oh!

Well, that's so much to believe that you have a clear understanding of the factors that affect the recovery price of Rolex watches. Generally according to the market price of Rolex watches recovery price is also in the original price of 2-8 fold or so, according to the above-mentioned factors that affect the price of Rolex watches can be estimated in the heart of the price. Here we look at the next two real Rolex watch recycling case!

Rolex watch recovery case one:

Rolex Submariner 116610LN, calendar, black water ghost, garbled, full set of accessories. Counter reference price of ¥ 65900, Need for fineness, customers buy to wear a small number of recycling prices in more than 6 fold!

Large set of accessories are very complete

Rolex submarine fineness is very new

Calendar, black water ghost, garbled

Table bar fineness is also very new


Table back cover

Wrist effect

Rolex watch recovery case two:

Rover log series, stainless steel + 18K gold, automatic mechanical men's watch, 36 caliber, white stunning red second hand, 3135 movement, which has stopped production, you can wear side by side to eat two birds with one stone Bring it, once and for all. Counter reference price of 84800 yuan, the recovery price of more than 4 fold.

Rolex log series of the entire watch fineness is very new

Steel + 18K gold +36 caliber

The look is very new

New look and feel

Table back cover fineness

White stunning red second hand

Read so much, I believe you Rolex watches recycling prices have a certain understanding, we can refer to the above situation to their own Rolex watches estimated price, and my heart has a general spectrum to go and recycling companies to talk about it!

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Rolex watches fineness of this everybody is a decent understanding, fineness is great, normally great care and support can offer a decent cost. Dissertation Literature Review

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Rolex watches since the introduction of its eminent craftsmanship to pull in endless individuals, today's image esteem is as yet thriving View More

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