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Relationship Anxiety

2016-12-12 10:58

13 Ways to Deal with Relationship Anxiety
Many theories have cropped up to describe love. But one thing that every theory put it out there is on defining Love as the most striking thing and the most powerful emotion on this planet earth which makes everything else complete and blissful. When a person is in love, he/she shares that feeling in a phase called relationship.

Often this phase comes with lot of terms and conditions applied and takes an ugly turn when dark clouds of anxiety took over, pouring in issues and problems that work against love making partners deal with it. In sensitive cases like these, we suggest the following ways through which you can deal with relationship anxiety and get it all over with… to start a better and brighter part of your relationship which is all about security, respect and abundance of love.

Nothing is perfect
Whenever you enter a relationship, you go through lot of insecurities and issues which have to be dealt with. The beginnings are always scary part where you try to adjust according to your partner, make sure that the other person is happy from you, do lot of compromises and adjustments and want everything to be just perfect.

All this is absolutely fine but you need to understand that you cannot expect perfection forever. Slowly and slowly, as you grow and develop your relationship, you need to understand the fact that not everything can be perfect and that is indeed okay. Once you start being okay with the imperfection, you would realize that you are able to let go of many diffidence and anxiousness and will fall in love over and over again with your partner.

It’s all in your head
Most of the relationship anxiety which hover on your love relationship is mainly seeded and planted in your head. "Am I the right one for him/her?", "Does he/she really loves me and wants to spend a life with me?", "Why did he never notices me anymore?", "Does he/she find me unattractive?".
All these questions which have built up a home inside your mind disturb you and your relationship. The key to understanding is that most of the things you are over thinking are all made up and is untrue. The panic attacks you have or the anxiety problems you experience are all in your head. Once you get rid of these thoughts and start afresh, you would find yourself to be a better and improved version of yourself.
It is important to make a distinction between reality and fantasy and trust your partner. But the most important thing is that you should not demoralize yourself or degrade yourself only on certain things which only you think exist and are not true. It is not just harmful but highly dangerous for you and for your relationship.

Comparison is not good
One of the major cause of breaking up these days is that you have high expectations from your partner and you set the bar way too high in comparing every little detail of the relationship. Once you are with anybody, it is not right that you compare all little detail with your past experiences or old boyfriend/girlfriend and accordingly start expecting and judging the other one.

If they don’t fit up to all your criteria’s, you start getting anxious thinking of various scenarios of how things would fall down and how inappropriate that person is. You need to understand that every individual is unique in his/her own way that has good qualities and also has flaws and is not at all perfect.

To get out of the relationship anxiety, all you got to do is discover your partner, love all his/her little imperfections which make them true and unique and understand that it is not important that everyone should be similar. Journey is much more fun if two different people could be compatible and are too much into each other.

Don’t assume or believe that you are a mind reader
Assumptions are the nuclear weapon which can destroy the relationship leaving behind
after-effects that haunt for a long time. For any relationship to survive through all the tough times, make sure that you don’t just assume things.

In every relationship we come across one partner who thinks that he/she has super power to read a mind. For your sake and for the sake of your love and relationship, we really hope that you don’t assume to possess a power of being a mind reader and make decisions based on the actual facts and your emotions. If things looks too complicated to you, talk it through with your partner and know what is really going on instead of assuming and playing the blame game.

Keep yourself busy
Nothing is more irritating and annoying than a clingy partner whose whole life revolves around the other one. If you think, you are being categorized in the same group; we want to warn you to get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

It is not recommended to stop whatever you are doing in your life and be too indulged in your partners’ life. This not just increases your anxiety but also makes you literally a mad person. For this and for many other reasons, always keep yourself busy and do not think about your relationship all the time. If it is meant to be, it is going to happen eventually and if not…well at least you will have other things to be busy and distract yourself.

Trust the partner
The best gift you can give to your relationship is things like trust, honesty and loyalty. These are the few things that would work as a barrier to bring in any anxiety or overwhelming issues. If you have enough trust on each other and you believe that both of the identities involved in a relationship are honest and loyal to each other, there is no scope for any damages or other disturbing issues.

Talk it out
Many a times, relationship anxiety takes a dark turn making you crazy fellow where everything in your mind seems to be falling apart and is on the path of destruction. In situations like this, it is advised to talk out your emotions instead of building stories in your head.

You can talk issues with your partner, close friend or a family. And if you really think that the issue is too huge to handle, you can always seek professional help and talk to a therapist. For every problem you face in life, there are two ways; either cry about the problem or simply find a solution that you don’t have to cry about it.

Stop over thinking and excessive worrying
Many people don’t claim it as a disease, but if you really want to lead a happy life and have love that is talked about in books and shown in movies, the only solution is to stop over thinking about things. Most of the relationship troubles arise due to excessive worrying about things and therefore having over dramatic reactions. All you have to do is be in the moment and enjoy the life.

Take things as they come. Sometimes over planning and being over cautious makes you miss out the small moments which actually make up a beautiful tapestry of events and memories in life. So be with your partner and let all your insecurities go away. You would see how much more are you capable to love and be loved.

Give space and let the relationship breathe
When you are in a relationship, you need to understand that apart from a couple life, you also have an individual life. Mostly people have hard time putting up a line between these two and end up either getting hurt or hurting the other one. For any relationship to breathe, both the partner need to give a due space and do not interfere in that individual part of the partner’s life.

Calling your partner, asking how the day is going is fine but calling your partner 10 times a day to know the exact where about and what all he/she is doing and with whom, is absolutely wrong. Make sure you give space to each other that the relationship doesn’t die of suffocation.

Most of the insecurities and anxiety in a relationship arise out of the sole reason of no sense of self-assurance. A relationship is only successful when two mature adults who are confident of their abilities and capabilities are handling it with care and love. The moment one of the partners loses that, relationship anxiety creeps in like a leech which eats away your relationship slowly. Therefore it is very important that in the relationship part of "We", you don’t lose your own self.

Do activities that bring you closer
Boredom and monotonous routine sometimes makes a relationship dull and give rise to various problems, one of which is thinking way too much and not feeling enough for your partner. At times like this when relationship anxiety issues appear, it is best to deal with it by planning some activities that pump the energy levels and bring back the fun.

Couples can go on trips, outings, camping or simply plan up a romantic dinner dates. Also various fun and exciting activities can spice up your life like role playing or hiking. Spending some time together other than the routine things makes you closer to your partner and gives you a chance to know and discover whole new side of a person.

Be physically affectionate
It is relationship anxiety often seen and proven that as the relationship period gets longer, everyone starts taking their partner for granted and lose the spark which they had in the initial days of their honeymoon phase. For this and for many other reasons, it makes it obvious that the anxiety level would sky rocket.

For partners who wish not to go there are guided and told to be physically intimate and affectionate with each other. These things keep the partner not just physically close but make the emotional bond much stronger and closer. So it’s best not to fear the intimacy.

Have faith and get 100% committed
For certain problems in relationship it is best told to leave it on faith. Love demands lot of challenges but at the same time requires 100 percent commitment and if you are ready to give that, nothing can come near you to make you insecure.

If you wish to take your relationship further, you essentially need to be a positive person who cannot afford to think and make up mind on thoughts like ‘It won’t work.’ Or relationship anxiety ‘It will break down.’; ‘It was not meant to be.’
Once you have committed, give your whole self to the relationship. Give it time, let it grow and make sure you nurture it with care, love and respect.

Relationships are the most valuable and priceless things which make us feel appreciated and loved by someone special and give a lot of significance to our lives.

But most of time, a loving relationship which is supposed to make us a better person makes us a bitter one. It makes us someone who faces suspicious, paranoia and hostility. The longer the relationship goes the level of jealousy, distrust and anxiety increases.

So have you wondered what makes something so beautiful so ugly?
Life does not come with a guarantee of being perfect and no person in your life can promise you, a lifetime of happiness. You have to learn and grow every day and specially in a relationship.

In a journey of life where you are lucky enough to find a partner, make sure you don’t just finish or destroy it only because of the baseless anxiety issues. So be a better person and let go of all the insecurities to have the love you deserve.

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